Low cost laser ignition system (LORIS)

Partner Call open until: April 3, 2024

Project Start: Q2 2024


The main objective is to improve the existing high energy laser (Gen-V) to fit into more cost-efficient high volume production requirements. The main motivation of this project is to investigate new components and assembly approaches for a laser design that can provide similar laser emission energy and beam structure as the previous functional demonstrators, but in a more cost-efficient way.

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  • To design and assemble a new high energy “cost improved” laser system. The system shall later be used as a replacement for state of the art ignition systems
  • To establish an experimental setup for direct plasma laser ignition. This setup should demonstrate sufficient proof that the redesigned laser system can provide identical laser performance (with allowable levels of deterioration to be discussed within the project) compared to the existing Gen-V system in the SAL lab environment (proof of concept)
  • Investigation of different cost reduction approaches for the evaluation of these methods
  • Proposing robust solutions, including new/alternative suppliers for the main components.
  • Establishing opto-mechanical design for one chosen improved ignition laser concept

Expected results

  • Identification of potential cost reduction measures of the laser system
  • Definition of modification of design and/or supply chain of laser ignition system
  • Functional demonstrator of a cost improved version of the laser ignition system
  • Lab test characterization report to demonstrate the performance of the laser ignition system

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