Within the cooperative project PREMI (short for Pre-Estimation of Electromagnetic Interference), our CEMC team aims to develop novel and optimized methods for modeling and simulations of electromagnetic compatibility together with industry partners Tridonic and Magna. With the project already entering into its second halftime, Herbert Hackl, Senior Researcher at SAL and project leader of PREMI, shares what the team achieved so far: “With PREMI we are establishing workflows for least-effort EMC simulations of power electronic systems, tailored to the specific needs and daily tasks of the consortium members. We benchmark typical procedures in EMC simulation, from measurement and modeling of components to circuit simulation and 3D FEM simulation, up to design optimization and automation of repetitive tasks. Together, we identify bottlenecks and show how to overcome them. The improved workflows developed within this project help to be more efficient in daily simulation tasks, and thus to save time and resources.”

Some remarks from our industry partners

“We are pleased to participate in the PREMI project to improve the design of power electronic systems through advanced EMC simulations. Our goal in working together is to offer our customers products with exceptional EMI performance. The collaboration with SAL has brought us good progress in this joint research work”, shares Thomas Zengerle, Head of Digital Engineering at Tridonic.

“The Premi project boosts our capabilities of EMI modeling and simulations which supports our model-based design approach and helps us reduce time-to-market of our products”, states Franz Königseder, Manager AE Power Electronics at Magna.