SAL MicroFab

Over the last years, SAL has established a 300 m² ISO-5 R&D cleanroom facility at the High Tech Campus in Villach: a contamination-free environment with controlled temperature, humidity and pressure, furnished with state-of-the-art equipment to carry out microfabrication and prototyping of micro(opto)electromechanical systems (M(O)EMS), and advanced wafer level packaging.

In July 2022, a new building was inaugurated, hosting an additional 1,100 m² of cleanroom space, making the SAL MicroFab the largest research cleanroom complex in Austria with a total area of 1,400 m².

The new facility will be equipped with batch processing tools that will enable industrial R&D and small series prototyping, thus positioning SAL MicroFab at the junction between research development and high-volume manufacturing.


Cleanroom with Drau view

The 1,100 m² cleanroom is being built in the new HTC 2 building in the Villach Technology Park.

Read the official press release for the handover of the HTC2 building to SAL in June 2022.

Our experts

Dr. Mohssen Moridi

Head of Research Division

Aya Cohen, MAS

Head of
SAL MicroFab

Dr. Lukas Vojkuvka

Senior Research Engineer
SAL MicroFab

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