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Herbert Hackl started his career at SAL in 2018, while he was still writing his dissertation. This makes him one of the top five longest-serving researchers at the Graz site. He is a Senior Scientist in the Coexistence & Electromagnetic Compatibility (CEMC) department and leads the "Bat2Share" project.

Fun Fact: Herbert is one of the few people from Vienna who came to Graz to study, instead of the other way around. And because he liked it here so much, he never left the Graz TU-Inffeldgasse campus professionally. :-)

Cele­brate her one-year anni­versary at SAL with Emily Bezerra! Emily is origi­nally from Brazil and has a back­ground in mate­rials engi­nee­ring with a focus on printed elec­tro­nics. In her free time, she loves to go trave­ling, hiking and skiing – all activi­ties that her new home in Villach is perfect for. “Looking out of the windows at work, the stun­ning views of the Austrian moun­tains are a constant reminder of the beauty of the world”, shares Emily.

Ingo Pill, Staff Scientist for Trustworthy Adaptive Computing, has been part of the SAL family since 2020. He started his scientific career at Graz University of Technology and stayed there for a total of twenty years: first as a Master and PhD student in Telematics (now Information and Computer Engineering) and later as a Senior Researcher. At SAL, Ingo is conducting research in the DES Lab (Dependable Embedded Systems); he is board member in the SAL-DC (Doctoral College) and deputy head of two research units.

In his career blog, Ingo tells us how research differs at university and at research centers, and the upcoming events he is looking forward to. 

From Vienna to South Africa, Saudi Arabia and back to Austria again: Jürgen Kosel has traveled quite a bit of the world in his scientific career. Now we are all the happier that he has returned to Austria, where he has joined SAL as Head of Research Unit Advanced Sensors and Electronics Technologies (formerly Sensor Applications) in Villach in 2020. Whenever Jürgen is not working, he enjoys being active outdoors and recharging his batteries in nature. 

Meet Fjolla Ademaj-Berisha! She joined SAL in 2019, right after she graduated from Vienna University of Technology with a PhD in Telecommunications. Less than one year after her start at SAL, she was leading two projects in the field of security and safety. Learn more about her success story in this edition of our career blog! 

Isabella Preuer started at SAL in 2019 as a Commu­ni­ca­tions Specia­list. From 2020, she has been Head of Commu­ni­ca­tions & PR and respon­sible for all internal and external commu­ni­ca­tion as well as public rela­tions. In this inter­view she tells us how she came to SAL after being self-employed in the film industry and why her #1 advice for job appli­cants is “Take the chance!”.

Christian Mentin has been making a name for himself as one of the first employees at SAL since 2018. He is now Heads of a research unit in the field of power electronics and tinkers with electronic systems in his spare time.

Katrin Unger is a materials scientist with a focus on intelligent polymers and their applications, but also Austrian Champion in the strategy game Go. In this interview she tells us why she decided on SAL. 

Our SAL team is as diverse as our career paths are. In our career blog, researchers and employees share how they came to SAL, what they work on and what they enjoy about their work. Check out the stories of our employees, learn more about your opportunities at SAL and get tips for your application directly from our professionals! 

You want to start your success story at SAL? Are you looking for a new chal­lenge? If you want to actively shape the tech­no­lo­gies of the future and enjoy working in an inter­na­tional team, then you've come to the right place. 

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