Magnetic Microsystem Technologies

We perform cutting-edge research on magnetic microsystems and their use in industrial applications ranging from sensors to power electronics, with a strong focus on magnetic position and orientation systems. We design, develop, construct and test magnetic systems with custom-made as well as state-of-the-art industrial components.

Research foci

  • Magnetic microsystem (sensors, components, MEMS) design, fabrication and testing
  • Design, construction and test of magnetic systems for industrial applications: strong focus on industrial and automotive position and orientation systems; development up to prototype and demonstrator level
  • Magnetic simulations and system optimization from micro to macro scale working with industrial simulation environments (ANSYS, Comsol), SOTA packages (MuMax, OOMMF, Magpylib, MagNumFE) and providing custom solutions (FE, FD, MOM, BEM …)

Research competencies

We offer many years of experience and know-how with simulations and theory in the field of magnetism, magnetic sensors and magnetic materials on both the macroscopic and microscopic scales. We thus focus on component and sensor system simulation and finding optimal layouts that meet customer requirements. We have developed a novel magnetic field simulation tool, Magpylib, based on analytical solutions that surpasses commercial simulation environments by several orders of magnitude for magnetic position system design.

For the manufacturing of magnetic microsystems and their integration into MEMS devices, our Research Unit actively employs microfabrication techniques and instruments available in the SAL cleanroom. These include lithography equipment (mask aligner, laser lithography, electron-beam lithography), tools for thin film deposition (magnetron sputtering, electron-beam evaporation), and wet and dry etching apparatuses (e.g., ion-beam etching, reactive-ion etching). Magnetic microsystem characterization is performed using both cleanroom metrology instruments (SEM, EDX, XRD, profilometer, etc.) and laboratory setups for magnetic property measurements.

We also offer many years of experience and know-how with industrial and automotive system development in the field of magnetic position and orientation systems, current monitoring and power applications. Our capabilities range from sensor development to MEMS and system development (initial design, custom experimental setup elaboration and construction, in-house fabrication of system demonstrators and prototypes).


  • Magnetic position systems for consumer, industrial and automotive applications (Linear position, Joystick (multi-axis), Rotary encoders, Custom solutions …)
  • Current sensing in power modules
  • Micromagnetic sensors for applications (AMR-based low field sensors for biomedical applications, Gas-sensing, …)
  • Magnetic MEMS for sensing and actuation (Tactile sensor, Pressure sensor, Flow sensor, …)
  • Magpylib development – an open-source simulation tool based on analytical solutions

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Dr. Michael Ortner

Staff Scientist

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