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The control of light in any form is at the heart of photonics research. Photonics is a key technology for digitalization, as it provides the basis for optical sensor and measurement systems that can help overcome the limits of other technologies in terms of accuracy, sensitivity, miniaturization and safety. Complete photonic systems that can analyze at high speed are essential, for example, for digitalized industrial production (Industry 4.0), autonomous driving, but also consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablets of the next generation.

At SAL in Villach, a team of top researchers specializes in the multidisciplinary research and development of optical, optoelectronic and mechanical components. The competences range from the production of components in SAL's own clean room to the integration of photonic components and competences in the field of miniaturized optical systems.


Research Focus

  • Next Generation Photonic Systems
  • Advanced Photonic Assembly
  • Non-Linear & Quantum Photonics
  • Concepts for Integrated Photonics


Dr. Jürgen Kosel

Head of Research Division
Sensor Systems

Dr. Andreu Llobera

Head of Research Unit
Photonic Systems


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