Exzellente Forschung benötigt exzellente Infrastruktur. In den SAL Labors stehen zahlreiche High-Tech Geräte für SAL Mitarbeiter:innen, Partner-Organisationen und Kund:innen für beste Forschungsergebnisse zur Verfügung.


HF Vapor, SPTS

RIE dedicated to Bosh process, Oxford Cobra

ICP-RIE, Oxford Cobra

Ion Beam Etching, Veeco

Direct Laser Lithography

PECVD: Oxford Plasmatherm

Magnetron sputtering - Evatec Clusterline 200E

Double-beam laser interferometry – aixACCT aixDBLI with TF2000

Stress measurement – Toho FLX-2320

Resistivity Mapping – Filmetrics R50

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry – Semilab SE-2000IR

Panalytical MRD XL

Jivelec Jetfirst 200C

Leybold Univex 900

Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro 100

Testbench for magnetic position systems

DAGE Optima+ Shear/Pull tester

EVG I20 Infrared Inspection

Manual wirebonders for thin wire and thick wire

Häcker Ourplant D1

Finetec Lambda, Sigma

Waferaligner SmartView

Waferbonder EVG 520

5G/6G Testbed

Highest Frequency Signal Generators and Network Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzer

mmW and DC Probes

Network Analyzer and Signal Generators

1.5 GHz Oscilloscope

6 GHz bandwidths Oscilloscope

Precision DC Supplies, Multimeters and Function Generators

300mm Wafer Prober

Fast in-house PCB Prototyping (vapor phase solder, semi-manual SMT assembly and rework station)

Curve Tracer

3D Profilometer and Microscopic measurement systems for power electronic systems

Test fixtures for component and magnetic material characterization

Probes: current probes, differential probes, active probes, optical isolated probes

High power loads

EMI Receiver

RF Signal Generator (IQ Modulation, WLAN signals, etc.)

High Power Amplifier

GTEM cell and crawford TEM cell

Rohde & Schwarz RTP Time Domain Reflectometry Oscilloscope 16 GHz 40 Gsa/s

Keysight Impedance Analyzer E4990A 20Hz - 120MHz

Keysight Impedance Analyzer E4991B 1MHz - 3GHz

Vector Network Analyzer

Arbitrary Waveform Function Generators

Precision Sourcemeters

Grid simulator

Precision DC supplies

Schwingprüfanlage TIRA TV 51110

Weiss Umwelttechnik ShakeEvent C/600/70/15/V

Photonic assembly station, Ficontec

Photonic Probe station, Formfactor

Profilometer, Keisleigh

Microsystem analyzer, Polytec, MSA-500

High power laser for material processing, Lightconversion, Pharos

Digital holographic microscope, LynceeTec, DHM

Fs-Laser system for non-linear spectroscopy

Raman microscope, Renishaw inViaTM Qontor

Ultrasonic Spray Coater ND-SP, Nadetech Innovations

Die coater with flexographic and bar coating unit, InfinityPV RLC 3DPrint Slot

Semi-Automatic Universal Screen Printing Machine SCF300DE, Eickmeyer GmbH

Laser cutter platform, PLS150D, Universal Laser Systems

Photonic curing system PulseForge 1200, Novacentrix

Inkjet printer Pixdro LP50, Süss MicroTec

Force test bench, Zwick|Roell


Plasma Asher

Thin film Deposition (UNIVEX 900)

Wet bench

Resist Track system (RCD8 + HP8)

Direct Writing Laser (DWL66+)

ThermoFisher Helios G4 SEM-FIB

Mikroskop Leica DM8000 M

Sinton Instruments Charge Carrier Lifetime Measurement WCT-120

CTR Solar-cell I-V Measurement

Sinton Instruments Cell Flash Tester FCT-350

EMSCAN Electromagnetic Scanner EMxpert EHX-43

MBraun Glovebox MB20/MB200

Nabertherm Chamber Oven HTCT 03/16

Nabatherm Tube Oven R80

Alphalaser Laser Welding System ALP 35S

MBR electronics, Ultrasonic Solder System USS-9210 Weller, WHP 1000 Hotplate

Musashi Digital Dispenser ML5000XII

Schmidt Instruments Gap Welding System UIP1000 with USK200

Nordson-Dage Die-Bond Tester 4000 optima plus

Finetech Die Bonder Fineplacer Lambda

Kulicke & Soffa Manual Wire Bonder K&S 4526

Süss MicroTec Wafer Prober PM8

Vötsch Climatic Chamber VC3 4018

Ophir Laser Power Meter / Energy Meter NOVA II

Cinogy Laser- Beam Profiling Camera CinCam CMOS-1.001-Nano

Zomega Terahertz Imaging System Z3 inkl. FS Laser

CTR SAW crystal (pressure) measurement

Infratec Thermal Imaging Camera Head-650

Redlake High-Speed Camera Motion Scope M3

Andor NIR Camera iXon 885

Leica Stereo Inspection Microscope S6-D

Zeiss Fluorescence Light Microscope AXIO Imager M1m

Leica Microscope DMLM + Jenoptik ProgRes SpeedXT 5

Bruker Stylus Profilometer Dektak XT-A Surface Profiler

Polytec Micro System Analyser MSA-500-TPM

Bruker FT-IR Microscope LUMOS

UV-VIS spectrometer, Agilent Cary60

Nicolet FTIR / NTNIR Spectrometer Nexus 870

Renishaw Raman Spectrometer inVia Reflex

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